How Much Does It Cost To Store A Pontoon Boat?

How fast can a 50 HP pontoon boat go?

Pontoon Boats ReviewBoat ModelTop SpeedHP20-foot StarCraft with23 mph75 hpTracker Regency25 mph115 hp21 ft SunTracker FishinBarge20 mph50 hp22 ft Sweetwater21 mph60 hp11 more rows•Sep 4, 2019.

Are pontoon boats expensive to maintain?

Average maintenance costs for a pontoon boat owner with a hands-on approach will range from $600 – $1,200 per year. If you need to store your boat in a marina then you can expect to pay between $1,500 – $2,500. Average winterizing costs for a pontoon boat are between $250 – $500.

How do you store a pontoon boat?

Tips for Winterizing and Storing Your Pontoon Clean the boat inside and out. Apply mildew and rust protection, and ensure the boat is completely dry before it’s covered. Remove accessories, water equipment, and fishing equipment to prevent moisture build-up. Cover the boat whether it’s kept inside or outside.

What size truck Do I need to pull a pontoon boat?

If you choose the basic model which is the 3.6 liter 290hp VG then the maximum trailer load will be 6,200 pounds. That’s more than adequate for a pontoon boat. Want more towing power? Then take a look at the 5.7 liter model which can tow a load of up to 7,400 pounds.

How difficult is it to drive a pontoon boat?

It is not hard to drive one. If you could drive a car, then you could definitely drive a pontoon boat easily. It is not even as hard as driving a regular vehicle. Although it is very easy to learn, you have to exercise common sense and follow the law as well as the safety guidelines.

How much is a cheap pontoon boat?

Most used pontoons can range from as cheap as $5,000.00 to as expensive as hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How much should I pay for a pontoon boat?

Brand new pontoon boats cost between $18,000 and $60,000, depending on size, engine, features, and build quality. The most popular pontoon boats on the water cost about $35,000 new for a 22′ boat with a 90 or 115hp engine.

Can pontoon boats flip over?

Due to the design of pontoon boats, it’s almost unheard of for them to tip over, and the chances are very, very slim. Pontoon boats very rarely tip over or flip over, with recorded cases being very uncommon.

How deep does the water have to be for a pontoon boat?

two feetIn general, you can probably take your pontoon boat into water as shallow as two feet of real depth, but this, of course, depends on several factors.

Why do pontoon boats cost so much?

Pontoon boats are so expensive because they are luxury boats with high production costs. High demand, and a rising trend in pontoon boat sales, allows manufacturer’s and retailers to ask high prices. Lack of bulk manufacturing is also a factor in higher pricing.

Why would a pontoon boat nosedive?

A pontoon boat can nose dive for multiple reasons. … However, exceeding weight limits, bad distribution of weight, fitting the wrong motors, having water in the tubes, taking waves and wake too fast and using the boat in very challenging conditions can all cause a pontoon boat to nose dive.

Is a pontoon boat worth it?

A Pontoon boat is a great recreational watercraft that can be enjoyed by the whole family. I myself have had a pontoon boat for years and would highly recommend this type of boat for larger families or people who plan on taking out multiple passengers.

Is it OK to beach a pontoon boat?

Docks and marinas are not always needed when you own a pontoon boat. Due to the aluminum build and shallow draft design, you can easily run ashore to have a beach picnic, camp for the night or do some exploring.

How low should a pontoon boat sit in the water?

A good rule of thumb is that about half the log or less of the pontoon should be under the water. So, for a 32-inch log, about 16 inches should be visible and 16 inches in the water. The largest influence on how a pontoon boat sits in the water is weight and weight placement.

Are pontoon boats good for shallow water?

If you are looking for a reliable shallow water boat that comes in all sizes, pontoon boats stand out as an excellent choice. With their shallow draft these watercraft can navigate bodies of waters that don’t have enough depth for many other boat types.

Do you need to winterize a pontoon boat?

Winterizing your pontoon boat is an important part of overall maintenance that needs special attention. … But taking the right steps will protect your investment and ensure your boat won’t encounter problems over the colder months and into the spring.

What do I need to know before buying a pontoon boat?

Buying a Pontoon Boat: Step-by-Step GuideSet a budget that includes the purchase price and the cost of financing.Consider where you’ll be boating—ocean, lake, river? … Think about how you’d like to use your pontoon.Decide between a pontoon or tritoon (three-tube design).Compare different models and floorplans.More items…

What is the best pontoon boat for the money?

Here are the 10 best pontoon boats that money can buy for 2019.Larson Escape RT220 Cruz.Regency 254 LE3. … Bennington S21 Fishing Pontoon Boat. … Harris V270. … Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 16 DLX. … Crestliner 240 Rally DX. … Lowe SF 212 WT. … Bennington S168 8′ Narrow Beam Cruiser Pontoon Boat. … More items…

What should you look for when buying a used pontoon boat?

Shift and throttle linkages. Are they greased? … Laminate. This is to check the pontoon boat underneath the surface and see if it’s overpriced or not. … Point where the hull meets the deck. Another sign of poor workmanship is if this part has lumps or dents.Flooring. … Gauges. … Furniture.

How long will a pontoon boat last?

10 to 20 yearsNew pontoon boats typically last 10 to 20 years, before they need any major repairs done or components replaced. The exact lifespan of your boat will vary based on the brand, building materials, how well you keep up with maintenance, whether it’s used on fresh or saltwater, and how often the boat is used.

Can I leave my pontoon in the water in the winter?

During the winter months you should never leave your pontoon boat in the water. If you do, you’re leaving it at risk to the elements and can get hit with some expensive maintenance bills. You must winterize your pontoon boat (here’s how), and get it out of the water as soon as you can.