Question: Is There Any Discount On Bs4 Two Wheeler?

Can I sell my bs4 bike after 2020?

You can resale it within 15 years.

But new bs4 vehicles will not be registered after April 2020.


New BS4 car registration cut-off is 31st March 2020..

Is Jupiter better than Activa?

The engine in the Activa 6G makes 7.79 PS and 8.79 Nm . … On the other hand, the power and torque of Jupiter stand at 7.47 PS and 8.4 Nm respectively. Honda offers the Activa 6G in 8 colours whereas the TVS Jupiter comes in 16 colours.

Is bs4 bike still available?

Major brands have now extended the validity of the discounts available on the BS4 bikes in the Indian market to liquidate the BS4 stock as soon as possible after the lockdown. … The customers can now avail the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 at an ex-showroom price of INR 9.29 lakhs while getting a discount of INR 1 lakh.

What happens if I buy a bs4 bike in 2020?

Unfortunately while a BS4 vehicle, given the present conditions, cannot be registered post April 30, 2020, it will have to be scrapped. A dealer cannot sell the vehicle and will incur heavy losses in this method. 3. A dealer can register the car or bike under his employee’s name and then sell the vehicle as a used one.

Is Activa 5g a bs4?

India’s highest-selling two-wheeler, the Honda Activa, is still languishing at dealerships in its BS4 form. … Ex-showroom price of the Honda Activa 5G starts from Rs 55,934.

Which bikes are bs4?

BS4 Honda BikesHonda Aviator.Honda CB Unicorn 160.Honda Activa 4G.Honda Activa 125.Honda CB Shine SP.Honda Dio 2017.

Is Activa 6g a bs4?

The BS6 model gets an all-new 109.51cc single-cylinder fuel-injected engine. The motor now produces 7.79PS and 8.79Nm. The old BS4 mill produced 7.97PS and 9Nm….SpecificationHonda Activa 6GHonda Activa 5GEngine109.51cc, Single cylinder, air-cooled, BS6-compliant109.19cc, Single cylinder, air-cooled, BS4-compliant4 more rows

Can we buy Activa 5g now?

You Can Now Buy A New Honda Activa 5G Or CB Shine Or CB Hornet 160R At Huge Discounts | BikeDekho.

Can I buy bs4 in 2020?

The Supreme Court allowed companies to sell their existing BS4 vehicles till April 24, 2020. When the lockdown comes to an end on April 14, you will be able to buy a BS4 vehicle legally for the next 10 days.

Should I buy bs4 bike now?

Should you buy a BS4 now or wait for BS6? A. If you are looking for vehicles with discounts, the end of this year would be the best time to buy BS4-era vehicles. As manufacturers gear up towards getting their BS6 products on the road, they will be offering significant discounts on their BS4 counterparts to clear stock.

Should I buy bs4?

Supreme court has given a clear judgement which makes sale and registeration of bs4 invalid. There is no separate provision given for resale of existing cars which means it equally applies to all existing cars. That means you cannot legally resale or re-register any existing bs4 cars after April 2020.

Will bike prices decrease in 2020?

From August 1, 2020, motor vehicles like cars, SUVs, motorcycles and scooters will see a reduction in on-road prices. This is due to the Insurance Regulator and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) withdrawing the mandatory long term motor vehicle insurance package for new vehicles.