Question: What Wine Goes Well With Spaghetti And Meatballs?

What is the best wine to drink with Italian food?

The Best Wines to Pair with Italian DishesPinot Grigio.

If you are having a classic pesto dish, then pair it with a classic wine.


The richer the red sauce you have in your pasta or pizza dish, the more tangy and bold you want your red wine to be.



Pinot Gris..

What kind of wine pairs well with spaghetti?

Tomato-Based Pasta Dishes Since pasta dishes with tomato sauce are acidic, it’s best to pair them with a medium-bodied red wine. A wine that doesn’t match the acidity of the sauce will make the wine taste bland. An example of the perfect red wine for a tomato-based sauce would be a cabernet sauvignon or Zinfandel.

What wine goes best with meatballs?

Not surprisingly, red wines are recommended most often to stand up to the fat and full flavors of meatballs—Pinot Noir, Sangiovese and Syrah are highly recommended to pair with the recipes that follow.

What do you drink with spaghetti?

A hearty red like Tempranillo, Sangiovese or Chianti will stand out over the acidity of the tomatoes. For spicy sauces, a merlot should work nicely. If you’d rather have white wine, try a pinot grigio. If you prefer beer, amber ale is a good choice for lighter red sauces.

Which wine goes well with beef?

The Best Wine with SteakCabernets. You can’t go wrong with a cabernet – often called the “people pleaser” of red wines. … Zinfandel. Zinfandel is a great choice if you tend to enjoy sweeter wines, rather than acidic and “dry” wines which are heavy in tannins and other flavor compounds. … Malbec. … Syrah (Shiraz) … Your Own Favorite Red.