Quick Answer: Can Speakers Be Placed Horizontally?

Where should I put my studio monitors?

Studio Monitor PlacementSet up your desk so that your speakers are away from walls and corners.

Verify studio monitor orientation.

Your speakers should form an equilateral triangle with your listening position.

The high-frequency driver should be the same height as your ears.

Situate your mix position symmetrically.More items….

Where should a firing subwoofer be placed?

Most down firing subwoofers are placed on softer surfaces such as carpet. Although carpet will absorb some of the sound, it is better to place the down fire on carpet than it is on hard, smooth surfaces, as these will reflect sound directly and cause a boomy listening experience that can be fairly unpleasant.

How do I burn speakers?

The most basic way to run in your speakers is to set them up with your system and use them normally. Usually the speakers will be sufficiently run in after a total of 20-30 hours of normal use and they will often continue to develop and improve for the first hundred or so hours.

How long do speakers usually last?

How long a speaker lasts depends on many factors, but if used with care it should be possible to get 40-50 years out of a good set of speakers and probably longer. The main point of failure is usually the woofer surround, particularly if thrashed, although some types do naturally perish with age.

Does it matter which direction a subwoofer faces?

Here is the short answer. For the best sound quality, the subwoofer should be placed with the speaker facing out to the room, and the port should be away from a wall. Bass waves travel in all directions, but it’s important to have the speaker facing your main listening area.

Why do people put monitors sideways?

People turn their monitors on their side in order to bring the tweeters down to ear level at mix position because the high frequencies are highly directional.

Can you stack studio monitors?

1 – Never place a studio monitor on its sides… unless it’s designed for that. … I thought I was brilliantly saving space on my studio desk, by stacking a pair of studio monitors on top a horizontally placed pair. If you have a pair of vertically designed studio monitors in your studio, sitting on its sides.

Is it OK to put a subwoofer on its side?

1- Subwoofer can be laying down on its side but not on the cloth side. 2- Rear of the room (facing the TV) is alright.

Can I put my studio monitors sideways?

Don’t keep your monitors sideways, if you can help it. … There can, however, be a legitimate reason why you would need to avoid upright monitor placement. The acoustic axis of your monitors can be too high, so you might be inclined to lower those tweeters by placing the monitors on their sides.

Can you put bookshelf speakers sideways?

totally fine to mount horizontally. turn your head sideways while listening to any ‘vertical’ speaker – the sound won’t change. … When you put such speakers on their side, the cancellation effects might be more noticeably because they will appear as you move left and right.

Do speakers need to warm up?

Sure, speaker probably do have a warm up time. Many contain capacitors, resistors and inductors that change as signal passes through them. My Sound-Labs were very slow to warm up in spite the amount of time the electronics had been on.

Do speakers get better with age?

So, generally speaking, given enough time or “age” your speakers will not get better. They will, if not taken care properly, and if not serviced from time to time, eventually reach the end of their “life cycle”. … The speaker has more power.

Can you lay speakers sideways?

There are many reasons why speakers designed to be used in the conventional upright position, as above, should not be positioned on their sides. … Turning the speaker on its side will result in sounds from the two drivers arriving at different times.

Can I place subwoofer horizontally?

Some subwoofers are perfect cubes, so it won’t matter if you put them on the side or stand them upright. In this case, you probably won’t need to put the subwoofer on its side unless there’s an awkward placement for the cables.

Should speakers be in front or behind you?

Speakers should be laid out so that they play along the length of the room. If you have a surround-sound system for your TV in mind, your chair or sofa should ideally be placed nearer the middle of the room and not too close to the back wall.