Quick Answer: How Do I Change My Price On Etsy?

How do I change the currency on Etsy app?

Select the gray gear icon from the orange slider menu.

3.) Tap Select Currency..

Can you bulk edit variations on Etsy?

Bulk editing variations isn’t available in etsy’s bulk editor tool but is on Vela.

How do you get discounts on Etsy?

For sellers When you’re ready to give it a try, log in to your Etsy account. Go to your sales and coupons page. From there, you can select the type of discount you want to create. Choose an expiration date, order minimum, or the specific items and sections you want the discount to apply to, if desired.

How do I end a sale on Etsy?

How to Cancel a SaleOn Etsy.com, click Shop Manager.Click Orders & Shipping.Click the … … Click Issue a refund.Select a Reason for issuing a refund and add an optional Message to buyer.Next to the order number, click the box by Issue a full refund, then by Cancel Order.Choose which transactions to cancel. … Click Review refund.

Why is Etsy in SGD?

The payment was made in whatever currency the customer chose, and it is on their packing slip. If they were browsing in SGD, and bought in SGD, then that is what is on the packing slip.

Does Etsy have discount codes?

A: Each Etsy seller has their own individual ability to offer coupon codes. So during checkout you can add a coupon code for each individual seller. Unlike traditional retailers, Etsy codes will only work for that particular seller, not across the entire Etsy website.

Does Etsy have a student discount?

Yes, Etsy does offer student discounts. Shopping tip: Etsy also offers coupons and promo codes.

Can you negotiate price on Etsy?

There’s no rule saying one cannot haggle. So it’s up to you – do you mind feeling as though you’re running a yard sale, or does getting something sold (and eating the shipping) appeal more to you. Personally, if someone wanted to haggle with me, I’d just say that my prices are set, sorry.

Does it cost to edit a listing on Etsy?

You can also edit your price and quantity when you’re in Quick Edit mode. … Enter the new quantity and click out of the field or hit enter to save. There is a $0.20 fee for creating or renewing a listing on Etsy. There is no fee for editing a listing.

How do Etsy listing fees work?

You will be charged a listing fee of $0.20 USD for each item that you list for sale on Etsy.com or Etsy’s mobile apps. … If you list multiple quantities of the same item, the initial listing fee will be $0.20, and the listing will be automatically renewed at $0.20 after each of the items sells.

Why is Etsy in a different currency?

Shoppers on Etsy can view prices in any of our supported browsing currencies. … When a seller lists items in a currency other than the currency of their payment account, Etsy will convert the available balance to the seller’s payment account currency. This conversion is reflected in the Payment account.

How do I make an offer on Etsy?

To set up a sale or coupon:On Etsy.com, click the Your Account icon, then click Shop Manager.Click Marketing.Click Sales and coupons.Click New special offer.Specify which type of discount you want to offer:

How do I edit a sale on Etsy?

To edit a sales event click on the sale name and edit the specifics as desired. NOTE: You cannot edit a sale that is already in progress or has been completed.

What quantity should I put on Etsy?

Just put more than 1 in the quantity field on your listing page. You can’t put unlimited you have to enter a quantity, if you can make 100 put 100. For quantities greater than one, this listing will renew automatically until it sells out. You’ll be charged a $0.20 USD listing fee each time.

What is a renewal on Etsy?

Auto-renew fee To avoid manually relisting each item after it sells or when a listing expires after four months, Etsy users can choose to have their listings automatically renew. Each automatically renewed listing costs 20 cents.

Can you bulk upload to Etsy?

SKUpid enables you to conveniently Bulk Upload your Listings to the Etsy Marketplace within minutes! Whether you are a business, part-time or personal seller, SKUpid is by far the fastest Bulk Upload Tool used by thousands of Etsy Sellers Worldwide.

How do I bulk edit prices on Etsy?

Go to your “Shop Manager” and then click on the “Listings” button. Next, you need to find your listing. You can do this by choosing it under the “Active” and “Draft” sections or use the search bar to find it. Then, click on the “Quick Edit” button where you will find the section to change the price on Etsy.

How many variations does Etsy allow?

two typesYou can offer up to two types of variations for each listing.

Why is Etsy showing prices in HKD?

So Etsy is seeing a Hong Kong IP or related IP and showing you what it thinks is your local currency when logged out.

What are the Etsy fees?

Here’s a reminder of Etsy’s fees:Transaction fee: 5% of the product price.Shipping transaction fee: 5% of shipping costs.Payment processing fee: 3% + $0.25 of total (including shipping)Listing fee: $0.20.Total Fees: 8% (of the total cost of product and shipping) +$0.45.