Quick Answer: How Do You Get The Spare Tire Off A Ford F150?

What is the lock on my f150 bumper?

the lock is for your spare tire.

it goes off of your ignition key, and it keeps people from stealing your spare.

its kind of nice but if your seizes up like mine did its a real pita.

You unlock that to access the area where you insert the bar in to lower your spare tire..

Where is the jack on a 97 f150?

It’s usually under the seat. Passenger side front seat on a reg. cab, under rear bench on an extended cab.

How do you get the spare tire off a 98 f150?

Removing Spare Tire on 98 f-150 Open the hood and remove the long metal rod clipped on top of the radiator. Go the the back license plate and insert it into the hole on the left side of the license plate. Start cranking CCW and watch the spare tire lower.More items…

Where do you jack up a Ford f150?

Place the jack underneath the rear axle on either side. Lift the truck by lifting the rear axle. Then, support the vehicle by placing jack stands underneath the frame rail. Repeat this on the other side of the vehicle.

How do you get the spare tire off a 2004 f150?

How to Remove a Spare Tire From a Ford F-150Open the F-150’s hood and remove the tire tool, located over the radiator.Slide the pointed end of the tire tool into the opening next to the rear license plate in the back bumper until it connects to the spare tire winch.Turn the tire tool counterclockwise to lower the spare tire to the ground.

How do you get a spare tire off a truck without a tool?

You can do so by having a few blocks behind the front wheel tires. Then crawl under the back of the truck. Here, you can slip the spare carrier cable end from the center hole of the rim. You can do this by hand, and you can then pull the tire from under the car.

How do you lower a spare tire without a Ford tool?

Spare Tire Removal WITHOUT KeyTools needed: Small chunks of 2×4, joint pliers and a friend to hassle you (Optional).Get under truck and pull and turn at the same time on guide tube (pull towards rear of truck). … Get under truck on passenger side of spare. … Feel around the top side of tire and locate the worthless key for dropping spare.More items…•

What is the tool called that lowers the spare tire?

Steelman 7-Piece Spare Tire Retrieval Tool Kit for Mechanics, Lower/Raise Cradle-Suspended Tires, Flat, Pin, Hex, 12 MM Square, Slotted, and ⅜ Inch Square Heads Fit Variety of Vehicles.

Where is the jack located on a 2010 Ford f150?

There is a bump up along the whole back wall in my 2010 about 6 inches wide maybe, the jack is inside that behind the passenger seat, there is a little tray to hold stuff behind the drivers seat.