Quick Answer: Is July A Good Time To Visit Mexico?

Is July hurricane season in Cancun?

Hurricane season in Cancun spans June to November, with a higher likelihood of storms from August to October.

Fortunately, hurricanes are rare..

How hot is it in Mexico in summer?

During the summer months, it can be very hot, with an average high over 90-degrees in August. Temperatures drop in winter, with north winds bringing a chill, January sees an average low of 48-degree.

Is Cancun humid in July?

As mentioned, July is a very humid month with humidity levels ranging from 70- 84% making for hot and sweaty conditions. The sea breeze does do a little to help averaging at 9 miles per hour throughout the month.

Can you swim in Cancun?

Cancun and the area to the south, the Riviera Maya, is home to some 150 miles of beach. … Some more remote beaches may not have flags, so it’s especially important to swim with caution in those areas. The best beach in Cancun’s Hotel Zone is undoubtedly Playa Delfines (Dolphin Beach), which is located at kilometer 20.

How hot is Mexico City in July?

around 74°FDaily high temperatures are around 74°F, rarely falling below 70°F or exceeding 79°F. Daily low temperatures are around 56°F, rarely falling below 53°F or exceeding 59°F. The lowest daily average low temperature is 56°F on July 28.

Is Mexico too hot in July?

July to August — Fall Season / Good Season July and August are the beginning of the monsoon season in Mexico City. You can expect some afternoon showers here and there – but the weather is still ideally warm (and days that are too hot are cooled down by the afternoon showers).

How hot is Cancun Mexico in July?

CLIMATE AND WEATHER STATISTICS FOR CANCUNCANCUN AVERAGE TEMPERATURESAverage High TemperatureAverage Low TemperatureJune89°F (31°C)78°F (25°C)July90°F (32°C)78°F (25°C)August90°F (32°C)77°F (25°C)11 more rows

When should you not go to Mexico?

The best time to visit Mexico is during the dry season between December and April, when there is virtually no rain. The coolest months are between December and February, although temperatures can still reach averages of 82°F during the dry season. The wet season begins in the south in May and lasts until October.

Is Cancun too hot in July?

July is one of the hottest months of the year for Cancun. And even though it falls within hurricane season, hurricanes are most likely to hit the resort between August and November, which makes July a safe month to visit.

Does it rain in Mexico in July?

The peninsula has tropical weather and you’ll get some of the year’s highest temperatures in July. The summer months are also the wettest, although you’ll have much less rain in July than other months.

When should you avoid Cancun?

December-April Room rates are higher this time of year but not unattainable, especially if you book at least three months in advance. Instead of budget concerns, your biggest issue will be crowds. This is particularly the case in March and early April, when Cancún becomes a hub of spring break activity.

What season is it in Mexico in July?

Mexico has two main climate seasons: rainy (May to mid-Oct) and dry (mid-Oct to Apr). The rainy season can be of little consequence in the dry, northern regions of the country.

What is the weather like in Mexico in July?

Just like June, July is also one of the warmest times of the year to visit Riviera Maya, Mexico, when the average temperature is a baking hot 28°C. During this month, highs of up to 32°C are common, cooling down to 26°C after dark; it’s also very humid.

What is the rainiest month in Cancun?

OctoberFebruary, March and April bring the year’s driest weather to Cancun, with averages of just 5 days and 1.6 inches (42 millimetres) of rain a month. The monthly rainfall becomes heaviest during fall, averaging out to 14 days totalling 7.8 inches (198 mm) a month. Usually October is Cancun’s rainiest time of year.

Does it rain all day in Cancun?

Rain can be heavy at times in Cancun, but it is unlikely to rain for the whole of your trip. Often a heavy downpour will be followed by bright sunshine an hour later. Cancun weather is a strange phenomenon.

Do you need bug spray in Cancun?

Sun & Bug Protection Because Cancun has a tropical climate, you need to protect your skin from sun and bugs. Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and a DEET-based bug repellent spray.

Is July a good time to visit Cancun?

December to April are the best times for visiting Cancun, offering the perfect mix of sunny skies and little rain. … Best Time to Visit Cancun for Great Deals: The best time for great deal is during the summer rainy season, from July through October, with especially discounted prices in September, October, and November.

Does it rain a lot in Cancun in July?

In Cancún, in July, during 9.3 rainfall days, 77.9mm (3.1″) of precipitation is typically accumulated.