Quick Answer: Is Pay My Fines Legit?

How do I pay my capitec traffic fine?

Capitec on Twitter: “@bluntmike It is possible to pay for traffic fines via Internet Banking.

If you need assistance, please contact 0860 10 20 43.”.

How do I dispute a traffic fine in South Africa?

If you wish to dispute a fine, you may submit a written representation to the Traffic Manager at traffic.representation@capetown.gov.za. This letter must be accompanied with a copy of your fine. You can also fax this letter to 086 293 8189.

Do traffic fines expire in South Africa?

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has instructed that all outstanding traffic fines issued, should be cancelled after 18 months if no summons have been issued, in terms of the Criminal Procedure Act. … If a summons has been issued, remember that a summons has a life of two years.

Can you pay traffic fines post office?

You can pay these traffic fines at any post office countrywide – no need to go to a post office in the municipality where you received the fine. You will leave the post office with a valid receipt to prove you have paid the fine.

How do I pay my Standard Bank traffic fine online?

Pay your traffic finesLog into your online banking profile.Select ‘Transact’Under Pay & Transfer, select ‘Traffic Fines’. … If no traffic fines are displayed, select ‘Search for fines’Enter the traffic fine or notice number.Select ‘Search’Tick the box of individual or multiple fines that you want to pay.More items…

Is pay my fines a legitimate website?

The legit site is www.paycity.co.za or www.payfine.co.za – I have been using it for a few years to pay fines and renew license disks.

How do I check my aarto fines online?

Thankfully, anyone can check the status of infringement notices issued against their particulars on the aarto.gov.za website. As a security measure, that facility requires that individuals provide their ID number and driving licence card number.

How do I pay a postal order fine?

Once you’ve bought your item, just buy a Postal Order for the same value and send it through the post. They look like cheques. You can even have the payee’s name printed on the order, and they can be crossed so that the payee can only pay into their bank account.

How can I reduce my traffic citation fines?

Ask the judge or prosecutor to reduce the fine, amend the points assessed against your license or both. You may be asked to attend traffic school, but doing so should result in fewer (if any) points being assessed against your driving record.

How can I reduce my traffic fine in South Africa?

You can follow a procedure approaching the the appointed prosecutor attorney in the traffic fines offices. The prosecutor will hand out a form: fill the form and the prosecutor will decide on the spot. Normally the fines are reduced of approximately 40–45% but you need to spend at least 4 hours doing this.

What happens if you don’t pay your traffic fines in South Africa?

“If you don’t pay the fine, a summons, stipulating a court date, will be served to you at home or work. Then there’s the type of traffic fine you receive from a traffic officer who has pulled you over. … If you don’t pay by the deadline, you will have to appear in court or be in contempt.

How do I check my traffic fines FNB?

Steps to follow :Select the “Payments” tab.Select the “Pay Traffic Fines” option on the submenu.Enter the Traffic Fine Notice number.Select the account you wish to make your payment from.Click on the “Find my Fines” tab.More items…

How do I pay Ekurhuleni traffic fines?

Paying for your traffic fines is one way of making sure you stay out of trouble. This is how you can check if you have traffic fines: visit www.payCity.co.za or call 087 237 7012.

How do I check if I have outstanding traffic fines in South Africa?

You can also contact Joburg’s call centre: 0860 Joburg or 0860 56 28 74 to get a list of all traffic fines outstanding.

Where can I pay my fines?

Traffic fines can be paid at these outlets:At any Pick n Pay stores country wide.At any cashiers or ATM’s in ABSA banks.Internet Banking – Select Traffic fine under payments and then enter 16 digit notice number, select from account.More items…•

How do I pay my aarto traffic fine?

You may pay the penalty on your Infringement Notice using cash, a bank guaranteed cheque, Internet banking or cell phone banking. You may also pay your Infringement Notice at any: Motor vehicle registration office. Driving licence testing centre.

How do I pay a fine on my FNB App?

Login to Online Banking, select ‘Pay’ and then ‘Traffic fines’ to make use of this convenient service. Login to Cellphone Banking, select ‘Payments’ and then ‘Traffic Fine’ to make use of this convenient service.

Do fines ever expire?

Bryan Gowin. If court fines are paid, they go away. If they are not paid, most of the time the fines will remain due and a warrant issued for non-payment. Sometimes a court may convert unpaid fines to jail time with a warrant and other times a court will, depending…

What happens if I buy a car with outstanding fines?

If the seller has outstanding traffic fines on the vehicle, the licence will not be renewed until the fines have been paid. This is not a legal requirement, but may be needed. When buying, keep proof of money transferred to the seller’s bank account, for at least six months.

How long do you have to pay a traffic fine in South Africa?

You have 14 days to pay and will need to attend court on the appointed date, which will be within 4 months. Section 341 traffic ticket: You have 30 days to pay before a notice of summons is issued, after which you have a further 30 days to pay before a summons with a court date is sent to you.

Who owns Paymyfines?

A domain search of etcrecovery.co.za and paymyfines.co.za shows they are both owned and operated by TMT Services (Pty) Ltd, the South African company that is part of the Austrian company Kapsch TrafficCom, which runs the e-toll project.