Quick Answer: What Does A Slash Through A 6 Mean In Figured Bass?

What does a 7 mean in figured bass?

16.2 Figured Bass Inversion Symbols Following are the figured bass inversion symbols most commonly used for triads and seventh chords.

Because the figures 65 , 43 , and 42 are only used for seventh chords, the “7” is omitted when labeling inverted seventh chords..

What does a 5 in figured bass mean?

Interval qualityThe numbers represent intervals that should be played, sung, or written above the given bass note. … – Interval quality is usually ignored (with the exception of the 5 with a forward slash through it) and is simply implied by the key signature and whatever alterations are added to the figures.

What is a 7th?

A seventh chord is a chord consisting of a triad plus a note forming an interval of a seventh above the chord’s root. … However, a variety of sevenths may be added to a variety of triads, resulting in many different types of seventh chords.

How can you tell a figured bass?

Realizing a Figured Bass. “Realizing” a figured bass means “making it real” or, filling out the four-part harmony by adding a tenor, alto and soprano part. Simply building up chords according the figures is not enough though, unfortunately!

What is the name for the lowest sounding voice of a triad?

bassA triad can be summed up by a single symbol, such as a lead-sheet chord symbol. A lead sheet symbol includes information about both root quality, as well as which pitch class occurs in the lowest voice (called the bass regardless of who is singing or playing that pitch).

What is a v8 chord?

V8-7 means that the dominant seventh enters after the chord sounds initially, and comes as a passing tone from scale degree 8 (also 1), the tonic. In C major, the V chord in four voices is G-B-D-G. When the top G moves to F while the bass remains G, you have a V8-7 motion.

What does a 6 mean in figured bass?

Along the same lines, the first inversion chord was figured as “6” — instead of “6/3”. Therefore, a bass note with a “6” beneath it automatically means that that bass note represents the third of a chord, and that there will be two notes — one at an interval of a 3rd, and one at an interval of a 6th — above it.

What does 6 mean in music?

triad, third in bass# This symbol should be interpreted as described above: the 6 means “triad, third in bass”, and the # sign means “raise the note a third above the bass one half step”. Thus, since the third of the chord is in the bass, the note being sharped (a third above the bass note) turns out to be to be the fifth of the chord.

What does a dash mean in figured bass?

voice does not moveTwo figures arranged horizontally under one bass note indicate movement in the same voice above the given bass note. … A dash under a movement indicates that voice does not move. The movement is usually accomplished by notes of equal value.

What is a 65 chord?

In the following example the the supertonic chord (iio) occurs twice: once in first inversion (65) and once in second inversion (43). The o with a slash through it means that the chord is a half-diminished seventh chord.

What is a Cadential 64?

What is the cadential 6 4 chord? The cadential 6 4 is a melodic and harmonic formula that often appears at the end of phrases in music of the common practice period. Typically, it consists of a decoration of the dominant chord by displacing both its third and fifth by a step above.

What does 8 mean in figured bass?

a doubling of the rootThe 8 means a doubling of the root (an octave above the bass, in root position) and the 8-7 means that a single voice is supposed to move down from the 8ve above the bass to the 7th above the bass.

What is a 9 8 suspension?

9-8 suspension (plural 9-8 suspensions) (music) a suspension that consists of the ninth chord tone that resolves to the eighth (or the one).

What does a 9 mean in figured bass?

As you said typically when thinking in chords or analysis in a V9 the 7th is implied. However, in figured bass only the typical triad is implied unless otherwise noted so just putting the 9 would make the harmony add9 instead of dominant 9.