Quick Answer: Who Is The Cast Of Garage Squad?

Where is Heather Storm from?

United StatesHeather Storm/Place of birth.

Who is the new girl on garage squad?

Cristy LeeMotorTrend has greenlit a sixth season of the TV show “Garage Squad,” a car-makeover series that’s filmed in the Chicago area, and announced that Cristy Lee is replacing Heather Storm as co-host. “Entering Season 6 is exciting especially with the addition of Cristy.

Why did they replace the girl on garage squad?

It was sad news to hear that Heather Storm would no longer be a co-host on the Velocity Network TV show Garage Squad for the sixth season. … She left the show to pursue other projects, and that shouldn’t surprise people all that much.

Did garage squad get Cancelled?

Garage Squad Season 7 Cancelled Or Renewed? Official Renewal Status: As of November 10th, 2020, Velocity has yet to cancel or renew Garage Squad for Season 7. We’re continuously monitoring the status of Garage Squad. This page will be updated as soon as Garage Squad is cancelled or renewed.

Is Christy Lee married?

Who is Cristy Lee Married to? Cristy Lee has been very private about her personal life, specifically when it comes to romantic life. It’s unclear if she’s single or married.

How long does garage squad work on a car?

Once the cameras get rolling, the crew has seven days to complete all the necessary repair work before the climactic reveal scene, when friends arrive to celebrate the restored automobile at the end of the one-hour show. A tight deadline, no doubt; but it makes great entertainment.

How much is Heather Storm worth?

Heather Storm net worth: Heather Storm is an American actress and producer who has a net worth of $1.5 million.

How much is Bruno Massel worth?

From his endeavors, Bruno makes quite a lot. His total net worth is estimated to be around 6 million dollars.

How old is Heather on garage squad?

56Heather Storm age is 56! She was born on the 13th of June, 1962.

How old is Cristy Lee?

43 years (October 21, 1977)Christie Lee Woods/Age

What happened to Lauren from garage squad?

Lauren Bohlander replaced by Heather Storm But she was replaced by Heather Storm after only nine episodes into the show. Since then has been hosting the Verizon Indy Car Series. Lauren also appeared in as an actress in such TV series and films St. Vincent’s Hospital, Exploring Nature Plumbing and Freedom in America.

Does garage squad go outside of Chicago?

Frequently Asked Questions. Q: You guys only seem to do projects in Chicago. What’s up with that? A: Our production crew is based here in the Midwest, but we’re working out the logistics to take Garage Squad from coast-to-coast.