What Depth Do Walleye Like In Summer?

How do you target walleye?

Walleye Lures such as Crankbaits and Soft Plastics are a staple among the Walleye elite.

I recommend starting out with Live Bait, either jigging or rigging, to get your hands on some fish first.

If Live Bait is not readily available or you’re set on targeting trophies, then lures are the way to go..

Where can I find walleye in early fall?

Working reefs (a long rocky island), along rock points and flats, is a good bet in low light conditions. In the fall, areas with a hard bottom, rocks and green weeds – like cabbage and coontail – are key areas to work for walleyes.

How deep are walleye in August?

The depth is consistent in most areas, typically 30 – 34′, a trollers dream. Many anglers will approach these walleyes trolling as many are spread out picking away at schools of bait and a variety of offerings living in the mud.

How old is a 25 inch walleye?

about 10 years oldGenerally, female walleye which are 25 inches long are about 10 years old, and 30 inch females are in the range of 20 years old. The oldest Lake of the Woods walleye we have aged was a 23 year old female which was 30.3 inches long.

What is the biggest walleye ever caught?

So let the record be known in the walleye world that the world record walleye of 25 pounds which measured 41 inches in length was caught by Mabry Harper in the great state of Tennessee in 1960 was a most well documented claim and there has never been any evidence to prove the contrary.

How long is a 6 lb walleye?

6lb. 4 – This is the age in which female walleye will begin to outpace males in terms of size. On average, the walleye will weigh just shy of a pound and be 31cm (12.3”) in length.

How old is a 29 inch walleye?

WalleyeWalleye WeightsWalleye Age22″ fish is 3.9 lbs.9 Year old is 26 inches23″ fish is 4.5 lbs.10 Year old is 28 inches24″ fish is 5.1 lbs.11 Year old is 29 inches25″ fish is 5.7 lbs.12 Year old is 30 inches13 more rows

What is the best water temperature for walleye fishing?

A:Jerry, believe it or not preferred water temp for walleyes is 70 degrees. This is the temperature they’re most comfortable in and also most aggressive.

What color lures do walleye like?

The most basic and most productive colors for targeting walleye are purple and green. These colors come in a variety of shades and can be used in a large range of depths. For sunny days, select bright or flashy purple or green, and for cloudy days try a solid, darker green or purple.

What is the best bait for walleye?

minnowsThe three most popular live baits for walleye fishing are hands down minnows, leeches and nightcrawlers.

How old is a 40 inch muskie?

On average, musky are about 11 inches long after their first year of life, reach 34” in year 7, reach 40” in year 9, and reach 50 inches by age 17.

How old is a 50 inch pike?

Rarely, some pike are more than 20 years old and over 50 inches long. The largest pike caught in Minnesota weighed nearly 46 pounds.

Where can I find walleye in August?

Quite often by trolling along the edge, just above rocks, or to the outside, just over the mud basins you will be able to trigger a bite. It is important to keep your baits a few feet off of the structure part of the bottom and follow the edges of the deep rock lines if possible.

What is the best time to fish for walleye?

springConsidering walleye like prolonged low light conditions, the best time of year to fish for walleye is in the spring and the fall. The months of March through May and August through October tend to be the most productive for walleye fishing.

How old is a 40 inch pike?

Pike in the 36 to 38 inch range take on average 9 or 10 years to reach that size. Following the trajectory of the growth curve, it would take an additional 3 to 4 year to reach 40 or 42 inches.

What colors do walleye see at night?

Walleyes also possess color vision, based on analysis of the structure of the light-sensitive cones. Scientists tell us walleyes should see red, orange, and yellow the best, followed by green. Theory also suggests walleyes see blue and violet less well, and these colors may even appear black.

How do you catch walleye on Lake of the Woods?

To catch the maximum amount of fish during your trip to Lake of the Woods, the best presentation you can offer your catch are jigs, crank baits and spinner rigs that are holding minnows. Walleyes in this lake feed on minnows during the spring so they are naturally attracted to these tiny fish when used as bait.

How old is a 32 inch walleye?

A 30 inch walleye averages 16 to 25 years old. Growth rates largely depend on habitat quality and forage abundance.

What depth do walleye feed at?

In fact, in highly fertile lakes, the level of dissolved oxygen that walleyes need typically runs out at depths of about 10 feet. Consequently, walleyes stay relatively shallow.

Can you fish for walleye from shore?

Finding shore access for giant walleyes is less difficult than you’d expect. … Some of my favorite spots include small-river spillways, big rivers, and Great Lakes seawalls. In each location, certain tactics work best, based on the season and activity level of fish.